We’re on the road with Black Box Chronicles!

If you were watching our socials you’ve been seeing a bunch of events for the book pop up for our sci-fi anthology with Horrible Future, Black Box Chronicles!

Last week, we had a few of the art teams from Black Box Chronicles… some in person and some joining over zoom, take the stage at the Wacom Experience Center, in Portland, Oregon. The panel discussion featured the creators Mark Schey Chris Northrop, alongside Taki SomaMichael Avon OemingShane Molina, and Eryk Donovan.

Left to right: Chris Northrop, Eryk Donovan, Mark Schey, Shane Molina, Taki Soma, Michael Oeming, share post-project insight on Black Box Chronicles at The Wacom Experience Center in Portland. (Photo by Mitch Netzer)

We were so excited to put this together with Wacom. We’d also like to give a much-earned special thanks to Mitch Neztzer for capturing some great moments from this event in the photos that pepper this update.

Taki Soma and Michael Avon Oeming share their creative process. (Photo by Mitch Netzer)
Readers, peers, artists, and friends, at Wacom.

And now that we’ve done one event, we’re ready for more…

We’re pumped to share that we’ll be doing it all over againyes, you heard right!—this time at Things From Another World in Beaverton, Oregon, just around the corner from Portland! This a free event this week…. CLICK HERE for info!