Sean Wu had no idea of the secrets kept by his estranged father, until his death kicked open the gates to a mysterious world of international tomb robbers and ageless myths.  Now the sole heir to this critical legacy, he must survive the darkest terrors haunting the most sought after treasures buried within a globe-spanning labyrinth of ancient catacombs in order to solve his father’s murder and perhaps even save the world…

Based on the best-selling Chinese novel series DAOMU JOURNAL, written by Xu “Kennedy” Lei, this original graphic novel collects the sold-out series created by the celebrated artists under the direction of James Zhang’s Concept Art House, with over 20 million fans declaring Xu ‘China’s Stephen King’.

This 244 page hardcover features a soft-touch textured cover with embossed elements, highlighting the strikingly rendered painted artwork on both front and back cover.  The 225 page epic storyline is supplemented by concept artwork and additional design material further exploring the world of Daomu.

Story: Kennedy Xu 
Writer: Colin Johnson
Principal Artist:
Ken Chou
Lettering:  Tom Orzechowski
Design:  Neurobellum Productions
  • Pages: 244 pages
  • Format: Hardcover with soft-touch matte lamination and spot-glossed elements
  • Size:  8″ x 11″
  • Cover Price: $29.99
  • ISBN:  978-0-9913324-8-9
  • DOC:  OCT141547
  • RELEASE DATE: Feb 11, 2015


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DAOMU is such an intriguing blend of high-adventure, horror, and contemporary criminal underworld.  What inspired you to create this unique universe?

KENNEDY XU:  My family background is rather special, as a child heard a lot of stories in this genre, and it made me look at the world with more curious eyes. If you grow up with stories, you want to tell stories. If you grow up with scary stories, you want to scare people. I wanted to create this world for a long time. Finally, I couldn’t stand not writing it.

There is a lot of history in your story, stretching back centuries and even millennia.  How much of this intricate backstory is based on facts you have discovered versus fiction that you created?

KENNEDY XU:  Most of the novels have a strong historical background with real elements. How these elements are arranged is the imaginary part. I like novels based on history, and to rely on actual history.  It links the story to reality.

How involved were you with the visual development of the book? Did you work closely with James Zhang, Ken Chou, and the art directors at Concept Art House?

KENNEDY XU:  I love it very much.  I liked the design of Ken Chou, he has a talent very few people have, the ability to blend Chinese and Western culture, which makes the combination of Chinese and Western parts of the story very reasonable. James has been working very hard to promote the story in the United States, and I am very grateful to him. If he had not had such confidence, I probably would not have started this thing.

Sean’s family has a very long history with the Daomu (and will clearly continue to for quite some time to come after this story’s ending).  Do you have future stories ready to be told?  Or ancient stories yet to reveal?

KENNEDY XU:  The series of stories has continued in China so far, and if possible, I hope to present this story with all its characters and their families to the United States.  This is an ambitious project and would take a long time to properly translate. I want to be able to make the story global. It is a difficult translation though, we use the Chinese character and it is not a phonetic alphabet. I hope in my lifetime, we can break this divide between language and culture.

How would you like to follow this complete edition of Daomu in North America?  Are you working on new adventures now?

KENNEDY XU:  Ha ha ha, this is a secret.

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