The World of Cassyno

The World of Cassyno

A World of Dark Fantasy and Games of Chance!

Beyond the plains of Collier Bluff and the glistening towers of Goldstaxx lies the land of Cassyno, a world of dark fantasy, magic, and games of chance created by French comic illustrator and concept artist Bengal. Far from just another deck of playing cards, this set is as much a gallery of original character art as it is the fantastic setting for numerous stories of magical intrigue, medieval espionage, and dramatic conflict between four unique kingdoms.

Included in this boxed set, you will receive one deck of illustrated playing cards and one World-Book featuring historical lore, character descriptions, rules for seven unique card games set within the fictional world.

These games draw heavily on the fiction, occupation, strengths and weaknesses of each House, character, and card value to add easy-to-pick up strategy and depth to each unique game.

Featuring original illustrations from other well-known artists, including Claire Wendling, Mahmud Asrar, Enrique Fernandez, Joe Madureira, Ben Caldwell, Bryndon Everett, and Marguerite Sauvage.

For 2-10 players, aged 8 and up.

  • Pages: 64 page booklet with 56-card deck
  • Format: Softcover book with spot-glossed elements poker-sized playing cards
  • Size:  7″ x 11″ x 2″
  • Cover Price: $24.99
  • UPC:  680474013326
  • DOC:  FEB161640
  • RELEASE DATE: April 27, 2016

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Behind the Concept and Design

Originally concieved as a simple deck of attractive playing cards featuring royal portrait art by Bengal, things grew exponentially once those portraited characters started to take on lives of their own.  Rather than simply paint random characters, Bengal wished to created a cast of characters within a shared world, four distinct kingdoms each with their own visual style.  Writer and game designer Mike Kennedy then took that inspiration a step further, fleshing out an entire political tapestry between each kingdom and the intricate network of relationships, agendas, plot points tying these original characters together.  As the world grew more detailed and complex, so too did the potential for engaging storylines told through a variety of means, not the least of which could be the cards of themselves.  Adapting several proven cardgame designs to incorporate the different character traits on each card turned what was once a simple standard deck of cards into a Universe all its own.

With fifty-two unique characters divided between four kingdoms, or “Houses”, plus two jokers, the wealth of possibilities blossomed.  Each character was assigned one of thirteen talents or traits, essentially a fourth variable to the classic three playing card variables — color, suit, and value.  This fourth variable introduced a number of strategic additions to classicly-proven card games of  elimination, discarding, and combat, as well as several more light-hearted, social story-telling party games.  And the games included in this initial boxed set are just the beginning — players are encouraged to create their own stories and games within the world, and to share their creations with friends and fans online.

The World of Cassyno is a new fantasy universe for everyone!