The designer pet of the future!

The year is 2036, and the ultimate toy for rich kids is the GENPET, a genetically modified animal that’s custom-made to suit your personal design and requests. And young Nat just got one of his own — Niko, his future best buddy. But his father had one additional design element in mind: the GenPet has to be able to protect Nat from danger. Unfortunately, those characteristics can be unpredictable, as Nat and his father learn when they get back to New York and are attacked by mobsters.

Nat and Niko are left alone in the streets of the Big Apple, but the biggest dangers are still after them!

This story is a crazy, sci-fi adventure about friendship, commitment, and justice told in a unique visual style, like a modern cartoon with a feature-film budget. Check this graphic novel and more out today.

Written by: Damian
Illustrated by: Alex Fuentes

At Magnetic Press, we bring the stories of international and homegrown authors to life. We print hardcover graphic novels for the enjoyment and interest of everyone and aim to recognize internationally curated stories for their creative storylines. Whether this story or another one of our incredible comic books peaks your interest, you are sure to find something you love when it’s printed by Magnetic Press. To find out more about our graphic novels or to find your next storyline, check out our other stories today. For any questions you have about our hardcover graphic novels, reach out to us today.

  • Pages: 112 pages
  • Format: Softcover with curved corners
  • Size:  8″ x 11″
  • Cover Price: $16.99
  • ISBN:  978-1-942367-76-5
  • DOC:  NOV198676
  • RELEASE DATE: April, 2020


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