Love indie comics (like ours)?  Gonna be in the Bethesda Maryland area this weekend?  Then you MUST attend SPX2016! 

The Small Press Expo is the top indie comics and cartooning expo in North America, spotlighting independent cartoonists and creators without all of that “multi-media noise” you get at every other “comic book” convention out there (you know the ones we’re talking about…)  SPX keeps it real, just a ton of amazing creators gathered to celebrate the art form and each other’s work.  And that includes the awesome Ulises Farinas, who will be there with copies of Buno’s first release with Magnetic Press, Rob Cham’s LIGHT!

Swing by K13-14 and say “hi!”  He’ll have pre-release copies of LIGHT for sale (a full month before they hit stores), as well as lots of other cool stuff (maybe some JUDGE DREDD, AMAZING FOREST, WHERE’S WOOKIEE, GAMMA, etc, etc, etc).  Then, if you’re still interested in what some of the other guests might have to show, stroll around and say “hi” to legends like Daniel Clowes, Joe Sacco, Trina Robbins, Charles Burns, Jim WOodring, and Los Bros Hernandez.  Over 500 indie comic creators under one roof!

The show is Saturday and Sunday at the Marriott Bethesda North Hotel & Conference Center. Supporting the show in turn supports the Library Gift Program, The Library of Congress Collection, The CBLDF, and the Ignatz Awards.  Tickets are available!