The award-winning dark fantasy series by Hubert and Gatignol concludes with the fourth and final volume and a new, exclusive, premium boxed set!

We are proud and excited to announce the launch of our next pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter for FIRST BORNthe fourth and final book in the multiple-award-winning OGRE GODS series by writer Hubert and artist/designer Bertrand Gatignol!

This campaign will not only offer the newest and final volume in this celebrated series, but a brand new, campaign-exclusive, Limited-Edition Boxed Set of all four books!

As with all of our previous campaigns, we are offering exclusive linen cardstock prints  FREE for backers who pre-register before the campaign launches, along with additional FREE items for those who back on Day-1!

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Releasing posthumously in the wake of series author Hubert’s passing in 2020, FIRST BORN was completed by artist Bertrand Gatignol based on Hubert’s completed script, a tale of familial defiance in the face of blind tradition to patriarchal rule, a tribute to the celebrated writer’s thought-provoking body of work.

Brigante was the firstborn daughter in the royal line of Giants, faced with navigating the authoritarian rule of her father, The Founder, and her own thirst for knowledge and understanding. Secretly educating her siblings, she risks everything while quietly planting the seeds of compassion that would someday blossom from the last Giant’s grave.

This final volume tackles themes of body politics and gender equality in an oppressive patriarchal system, set within the extreme conditions of the Giant’s lineage.