SOURYA introduces readers the haunting story of AYAKO, pulling us into a tale that doesn’t require fantastical scenery to take you on a disturbing emotional journey.

In “The Mouse,” Ayako has never left her basement. She’s being kept safe (or prisoner?) by her family who conspired to keep her from revealing secrets that could ruin them all. For 25 years, the only thing she knows is life in those four walls… but does she find a new friend there or is she losing her grip on reality?

AYAKO was originally created by Osamu Tezuka in the early 70s as a response to the societal changes in Japan following the cold-war and American occupation. The original trilogy was stood out from Tezuka’s earlier works, marking a real departure into mature and dramatic territory. 


Illustrated by French author, Sourya Sihachakr, “The Mouse” showcases his ability to capture dramatic, almost psychedelic situations with simple pen and ink lines. As a graduate of the École des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation in Angoulême, he began his career in animation before making his first break into comics with the series Rouge, based on the popular Freak’s Squeele series from Ankama in 2013. He went on to participate in various anthologies, including Doggybags and Midnight Tales, before launching his own series in 2018: Talli, Daughter of the Moon, a manga-style fantasy published in the US by Oni Press.

Preview Pages from "THE MOUSE"

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