RENO LEMAIRE roars into TEZUCOMI with his vision of KIMBA THE WHITE LION, featured in this all-star celebration by some of Europe’s best comic creators sharing their unique take on Osamu Tezuka’s most beloved characters!

In “The Guardian of Mount Moon,” RENO LEMAIRE presents a story of prehistoric proportions. A spoiled teenager documents his African journey on his smartphone while traveling with a group of rugged adventurers. However, what they stumble upon is an uncharted realm that exists beyond our world guarded by a talking white lion…

Based on Osamu Tezuka’s immensely popular KIMBA THE WHITE LION, this short tale takes readers to a world where the jungle is protected by the mighty Kimba, a lion who learned to talk after being separated by his parents by trappers. His extraordinary bravery and compassion led to numerous adventures where he tried to bring humans and animals together in peace. Originally intended for younger readers in the early 1950s, KIMBA became a popular animated series and feature film in the mid 60s, leading to a long-lasting global fanbase for decades to follow.

RENO LEMAIRE began his career with DREAMLAND, which initially debuted in SHONEN  COLLECTION magazine. The manga found popularity and evolved into one of France’s best-selling and longest-running manga series, spanning over 20 volumes! 

Take a look at a Preview of Reno’s KIMBA tale below!

Preview Pages from "The Guardian of Mount Moon"

(Remember: Manga is read from right to left!)