JD MORVAN & SCIETRONC ride on the line between life and death with “Love at First Sight,” their take on Osamu Tezuka’s MIDNIGHT, featured in TEZUCOMI, an all-star celebration of Tezuka’s many celebrated characters by some of Europe’s best comic creators!

MIDNIGHT was an urban crime drama created by Tezuka in the mid-80s about a troubled taxi driver named Shinya Mito (literally “Midnight” in Japanese) and the many shady passengers he gives transport to during the late hours. Troubled by his own tragic past and the woman he accidentally left in a coma, Midnight tries to stay out of trouble, but trouble always seems to find him…


Writer JD MORVAN and illustrator SCIETRONC ride on the line between life and death with their tale which sees Midnight in another car accident. This time, however, in his unconscious state, trapped inside the burning vehicle, he is visited by ghosts from his past who try to convince him that not every accident is his fault. And, in this particular case, the beautiful woman also trapped in the car is depending on him to save her life. With a broad variety of published titles under his belt, from the assassination saga NAJA to the true-life tale of WW2 hero Irena Senderlowa IRENA, JD Morvan is well-versed at crafting complex psychological studies with an otherworldly, almost supernatural twist.

Take a peek at the first few pages of “Love at First Sight” by JD MORVAN & SCIETRONC

Preview Pages from "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT"

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