MIG is one of the massive talents featured in TEZUCOMI, a tribute to the work of Osamu Tezuka by some of the best  comic book artists in Europe!

MIG is best known for his charming, animated style that seamlessly blends whimsical characters with detailed dramatic settings. He is most recognized for his work on several titles spun from the shared animated fantasy video game universes Wakfu and Dofus, particularly his long-running series Ogrest. He brought his dynamic style to a tale inspired by Osamu Tezuka’s beloved character Unico.

UNICO, by Mig

Unico is a charming little unicorn with the inherent magical ability to bring happiness to whoever he meets. Unfortunately, the Greek goddess Venus grew jealous of Unico’s livability and cursed him to an endless journey through space and time, stopping in one location just long enough to help someone before being whisked away to another location with no memory of those friends he just made. As light-hearted as Unico may seem, it is a series filled with twists that seem unforgiving and unfair.

Take a peek at Mig’s Unico story, entitled “Catalante“! TEZUCOMI is available to pre-order on Kickstarter now in both manga and hardcover editions! Take you pick… or grab limited editions of both!

Preview of "Catalante" by Mig

(Remember: Manga reads from top-right to bottom-left!)

UNICO, by Mig