LUIS NCT is one of many artists in TEZUCOMI, a massive set of volumes where some of the best artists in European comics share their unique takes on Osamu Tezuka’s characters!

Luis’s work can be found in many projects with frequent project partner Jason Shawn Alexander, such as the award-winning Killadelphia and Empty Zone. On his own, Luis created the feature-length fantasy graphic novel Wahcommo (published by Magnetic Press). While carefully crafted color palettes are a hallmark of his art in these mentioned projects, it is his high-energy line work that is showcased in his TEZUCOMI tale.


In MINA’S SONG, Luis brings a young man to the front lines of a future world’s political protests over the existence of synthetic beings. The tale is a tribute to Osamu Tezuka’s APOLLO’S SONG, which told the tale of a similar young man who is treated for childhood trauma that has left him unable to feel love. Through his radical treatment, however, he encounters Aphrodite, the goddess of Love who sends him on a journey through space and time to show him what true love means. This trip takes him from various points in history all the way to a future filled with synthetic beings… as featured in Luis’s tale!

Preview pages from "Mina's Song" by LuisNCT based on APOLLO'S SONG by Osamu Tezuka

(Remember: Manga reads from right to left!)