David LaFuente brings his BIG talent to BIG X… in TEZUCOMI! A massive volume where some of the best artists today share their unique takes on Osamu Tezuka’s characters!

LaFuente is most known for his work at Marvel Comics on Ultimate Spider-Man, Doop, and The Runaways. So taking on Big X was only natural!

Big X might not be as famous as Astro Boy or Unico, but it’s a true hidden treasure in Osamu Tezuka’s magnificent manga universe. If you’re into sci-fi, thrilling action, and mechanical world-ending drama, Big X should be on your radar. This classic character has stood the test of time and continues to captivate readers to this day. So, if you’re ready for an earth-shattering adventure illustrated by David LaFuente, it’s right here in TEZUCOMI!

We’re including a look below at this story, only available in English from Magnetic Press in TEZUCOMI! On Kickstarter now in both manga and hardcover editions…. and both have slipcases available to enshrine them as they should be!

Read an excerpt of BIG X below!

(Remember: Manga reads from right to left!)