Kenny Ruiz is one of many artists in TEZUCOMI, a massive volume where some of the best artists today share their unique takes on Osamu Tezuka’s characters!

You won’t believe the magic he weaves on his pages. It’s from years of working on books like Paradox Girl and Dos Espadas.

Kenny actually has TWO stories in TEZUCOMI — one based on Tezuka’s MY SONGOKU (“The Monkey King”) and the original story “Team Phoenix” which brings together many of Tezuka’s legendary characters in a single story, creating a must-read crossover that is a fantasy come true for manga and comic book readers.

The way Kenny captures each character’s core while keeping the flow engaging and action-packed is simply explosive. This story is like stepping into a parallel universe where all your favorite characters unite for an epic adventure that feels like the start of something new. (And it has — TEAM PHONEIX has spun off to its own three volume series coming in 2024!)

A focal point in this story is Astroboy. Created by the manga maestro Osamu Tezuka in the ’50s, this small (but powerful) robot-kid has won over hearts internationally. He’s armed with charm, compassion, and the courage to fight with his heart and his fists for what’s just.

Kenny Ruiz’s talent is beyond compare, and “Team Phoenix” is just one epic example of his artistry.  We’re including a look below at this story, only available in English from Magnetic Press in TEZUCOMI! On Kickstarter now in both manga and hardcover editions…. and both have slipcases available to enshrine them as they should be!

Check out a preview of TEAM PHOENIX!

(Remember: Manga reads from right to left!)

Check out a preview of Kenny's SONGOKU!