JOE KELLY and KEN NIIMURA are among the many creators celebrating Osamu Tezuka’s work in TEZUCOMI, a 2-volume series where some of the best artists today share their unique take on Tezuka’s timeless characters.

Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura are perhaps best known for their graphic novel-turned-feature film I Kill Giants, which follows the emotional journey of girl named Barbara who escapes the challenges of her real life by immersing herself in a fantasy world full of battling giants. Best known for his work writing some huge Marvel titles such as X-Men and Deadpool, Joe brought a unique take on Tezuka’s BLACK JACK to the project, one that Ken Niimura brought to energetic life with his unique kinetic style.

BLACK JACK is a mysterious and highly skilled surgeon with a unique appearance, sporting a distinct set of facial scars from a childhood trauma that led to his interest in medicine. He operates outside the medical system employing unconventional methods for desperate patients who seek him out for his expertise and willingness to take on cases no one else would. Together with his young, prosthetically-enhanced partner Pinoko, ethical dilemmas and the boundaries of medicine are just some of the challenges he faces on the road…

Check out a preview of their story “Heartless” below! Then pre-order on Kickstarter in either manga or hardcover editions… or get one of the limited slipcase editions while supplies last!

Preview of Heartless by Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura

(Remember: Manga reads from top-right to bottom-left!)