BELEN ORTEGA illustrates a tale written by VICTOR SANTOS in TEZUCOMI, an all-star celebration of Osamu Tezuka’s many celebrated characters by some of Europe’s best comic creators!

Barbara, a captivating character crafted by Tezuka in the swinging 70s, possesses a mesmerizing aura that enchants the lives of those she encounters, despite her disruptive behavior. She’s like a super-charged muse. When Barbara casts her spell on a struggling manga artist, inspiration strikes. But with success comes pressure… and self-discovery…

"Doppelganger", Art by BELEN ORTEGA

Belen Ortega is known for her clean line work and ability to craft expressive faces particularly those of darker characters with mysterious pasts. Her celebrated work on the MILLENNIUM Saga, the official continuation of the popular crime series by Stieg Larsson featuring hacker-vigilante Lisbeth Salander, showcased her ability to insert psychological drama into otherwise beautiful visuals.  She continues to bring that striking balance of anime-like expressiveness to Western-style storytelling to projects at DC and Marvel, such as The Joker

Take a peek at the first few pages of “Doppelganger” by Victor Santos and Belen Ortega below!

Preview Pages from "Doppelganger"

(Remember: Manga is read from right to left!)