Stickers unlocked! New Stretch Goal Revealed! Week-2 bonus revealed!

April 12, 2021

Hey, everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend! We spent much of it cooking up new stuff to start rolling out in these updates, and today’s is a great one to start off the week:


All physical reward tiers will now include a set of three vinyl stickers! These will make any laptop, locker, coffee table, or streetlight that much cooler! Next up: POSTCARDS!

Now that we’ve had a week to calibrate the pace of things, we’re trying to set these bonus milestones about a week apart… but we’re happy to see them unlocked sooner! We’ve got more lined up, so go ahead, let’s push the limit! We’re ready for ya!


As a reminder, we’re also giving a new, bonus limited-edition linen cardstock print each week — those of you who backed early will get these added to your pledge package automatically. When each week is up, those prints are no longer available! So latecomers will have to be satisfied with whichever few last-minute extras they get… so get in early!

This week’s print is of gang leader Lyz!

(If you’re reading this update after the week is up, don’t worry – you will be able to add these prints to your pledge package in Backerkit later, but they’re only FREE if you sign up in their exclusive window…)

We’re getting some great content together for the next couple of weeks — Character Spotlights, Mini-video teasers, Interviews with the authors, artist galleries, and more preview pages via Webtoon (and soon Tapas, too!)… Stay tuned! The ride’s just starting!