NILS is a sweeping, dystopic, sci-fi fantasy that mixes the supernatural with both hi-and lo-tech science — and a healthy dose of Nordic mythology. Set in a future where plants have stopped growing, the story follows a young boy and his father as they search out the source of this blight. Along the way, they encounter things they never would have believed had they not seen them with their own eyes: light spirits, harvesting robots, and forest warriors at war with the nearby high-tech kingdom.

Soon, they are drawn into a conspiracy years in the making, a search for immortality that could instead bring an end to all life on Earth.

Take a sneak peek at the very beginning pages of this gorgeous, operatic adventure by Jerome Hamon and Antoine Carrion, available for pre-order through Diamond PREVIEWS and your local comic shop this month!

(Click the first page thumbnail to open a viewer which you can then page through.)

Note: the book is an oversized 9×12″ hardcover,
so the text and details are proportionately larger in print!

(download preview pages as a single watermarked PDF)