Lots of great new stuff is available on Comixology and Kindle today, including the digital-first premiere of LITTLE TAILS, by Brremaud and Bertolucci!

Little Tails: In the Forest by Brremaud and Bertolucci

Chipper and Squizzo are a precocious puppy and squirrel who love to explore new and exciting environments, flying their cardboard box airplane to wondrous worlds full of fascinating animals and creatures. In each volume of this fun, educational series, they tour a different location, encountering the real-world animals found there in beautiful illustration and fun cartoon strip antics. This first volume takes them into the Forest, where they discover bugs, birds, bears, and more!

Little Tails: In the Jungle by Brremaud and Bertolucci

Chipper and Squizzo fly around the world in their cardboard box airplane, to the jungles of South America, Africa, and Asia, where they encounter tigers, elephants, snakes, and sloths!

The Adventures of Basil and Moebius #14 by Ryan Schifrin and Richard Lee Byers

The Collector’s homemade dimension portal works! But with a few little glitches. Like, say, navigation. Hopping from one strange reality to the next, where the laws of physics are as randomly broken as they are unimaginable, has Basil & Moebius going nearly insane, but the wounded Collector could be able to find their way home… if he doesn’t die from his injuries first! And now they’re being chased by a seemingly unstoppable “Portal Guardian” after them for messing with powers they shouldn’t be!

Fake Empire by Palicki and Rico (Darby Pop)

Who killed the Tooth Fairy? Fairies have always existed in secret, living side-by-side with humankind. But, when one of his daughters is murdered, King Oberon tasks his remaining offspring — a newly-minted NYPD detective (Charli) and a wingless, feral “black sheep” (Lucy) — with finding her killer by any means necessary.

Women of Darby Pop by Various (Darby Pop)

The Women of Darby Pop is a collection of short stories written and drawn by the winners of Darby Pop Publishing’s second “Breaking Into Comics” contest. This unique anthology shines a spotlight on both major and minor female characters from nearly every book Darby Pop has published to date while simultaneously introducing readers to a wellspring of “new” talent.

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