The Longevity of Lupin III

Over 50 years ago, in October of 1971, the widely popular manga character LUPIN III premiered in his first anime outing, LUPIN THE 3rd. Adapting the beloved characters Lupin III, Daisuke Jigen, Goemon Ishikawa, and Fujio Mine from the original manga, the anime has taken off into a thriving media franchise that has evolved with the times. The legendary exploits of Lupin III and the gang have also transformed the landscape of anime and comics alike. To take in this evolution, continue reading below and order the official 50th Anniversary Lupin The 3rd Art Book from Magnetic Press!

Manga Breakthrough

In the early 60s, Kazuhito Kato kicked off his career as a manga author. After a few years, his work started to take off and he adopted the pen name “Monkey Punch.” Soon afterward, his popularity would hit stratospheric new heights as he spun tales of a gentleman thief and his compelling escapades. This manga for adults was a surprise hit that took inspiration from Western cultural influences such as MAD Magazine and classic mystery stories from Agatha Christie and Maurice Leblanc.

Miyazaki’s Milestone

After being adapted to the television screen in 1971 by TMS Entertainment, the Lupin the 3rd franchise became a household name that had already started to branch out with feature films. Noted animation director Hayao Miyazaki was a figurehead in the production of the second half of the original anime series, and the 1979 film Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro marked his feature-length debut. The trademark styles of Miyazaki’s signature animation and storytelling were heavily pronounced as the film found success and the filmmaker’s legendary career was off and running.

Lupin Embraces the 21st Century

Following 30 years of serialized episodes, standalone specials, and feature films, Lupin III returned to the television screen in 2015 with a new 26-episode season, LUPIN THE 3rd PART IV. This series presented the beloved characters facing contemporary issues and modern techno-crimes as the escapades became fully immersed in the 21st century.

Anime Enters the CGI Realm

In 2019, the franchise broke new ground by taking the traditional manga animation style established throughout the decades and adapting it to modern digital renderings. The film Lupin III: The First presented the franchise to an entirely new generation of fans while delivering the signature wit and thrills of the series in a fresh style.

Since the manga was born in the 60s, Lupin III has been trailblazing the realms of comics, television, and movies. To have the groundbreaking art at your fingertips, order the official 50th Anniversary book “50 ANIMATED YEARS OF LUPIN THE 3rd” Art Book today!