Gun-toting fish mafia, sea-plane dogfights, and a whole lot of family issues!

On an idyllic island where humans and fish coexist on land, young Iode (short for Iodine) waits patiently for a letter he has been expecting, one that seems to be perpetually delayed. Suspecting it might have gotten lost, he takes a trip into town to inquire at the post office.

Along the way, he meets a spirited hitchhiker named Sista, who has been entrusted to deliver a mysterious package by the enigmatic underworld syndicate, “The Octopus.” Her mission details are clear — travel only on foot — but she’s not the type to say no to a free ride.

When she ditches Iode to make her delivery, things hop off the rails: her cover is blown as an agent for a secret crimefighting agency, and the two are drawn into a whirlpool of intrigue leading to a conspiracy that could doom the island.

Their two missions intertwine, leading not only to unexpected adventure but deep personal realizations for both of them — As an amateur pilot, Iode leads them on a quest to find his lost letter and the truth about his mother’s whereabouts that could lie inside. The world is not what it seems, full of high-flying excitement and danger, and the simple surreality of their little town may not be everything it seems to be.

This deceptively powerful tale of emotional orphans coming to grips with the reality of their surroundings is set in a surreal fantasy land populated by talking fish, a multi-layered adventure filled with exciting action, beautiful palettes, startling imagination, and quiet dignity.

A multiple award-winning creator

LOST LETTERS is a 200-page feature-length adventure exploring the value of Family and Friendship amidst deep, personal doubts. LOST LETTERS has earned newcomer creator JIM BISHOP multiple awards since its original European release in 2021, including the Silver Medal at the 2022 International Manga Awards in Japan!

  • Winner of the 2022 BD Prize
  • Winner of the France Bleu Comic Award
  • Winner of the 2022 Orange Comics Prize