Things are getting more advanced up in here! We just launched our BRAND NEW WEBSTORE, filled with all of our awesome products and MORE!

While our previous webstore got the job done, there were lots of things we really wanted to do with it that the platform just didn’t offer: Customer Account Records (so you can track and view your order history), Easy Social Log-in (so you don’t have to remember yet another ID/password combo), Wishlists (so you can bookmark and share things you’d like to buy later), and coolest of all — Ambassador Reward Points (easy to earn and good for all kinds of cool stuff)! Plus it all scales and looks great on mobile devices automatically!

And now all of those features are LIVE at our new webstore:!

And to celebrate, the first 40 people to log-in and use the code “F1RST40!” at check out get 40% off of their order!

We’ll be fine-tuning the presentation and adding new items (Tee shirts! Merchandise! Other indie publishers!) very soon, but in the meantime, head over and log-in to experience these cool new features:

  • Account Management: When you log-in to your account, you can view your order history, tracking information, account details, saved wishlist items, reward point balance, etc! Don’t worry, it’s all secure, just like any good, solid webstore these days.
  • Easy Social Log-in options:  If you don’t want to create a new UserID and Password combo for your account, you can easily log in with your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Amazon account credentials with one click!  Who needs yet another ID/PW combo to remember? Bah!
  • Wishlist:  Now you can tag items for later!  Birthday or holiday coming up? Share your wishlist with friends and family so they know exactly how to make you the happiest Magnetic Fan ever!
  • Ambassador Reward Points:  Earn points from not only buying great stuff, but sharing the word about it with your social networks! There are all kinds of easy ways to earn points, which can in turn be used to BUY MORE COOL STUFF!  Create an account — 250 POINTS.  Follow us online — up to 150POINTS.  Share a link — 100 POINTS.  Refer a friend — 500 POINTS.  It’s your birthday?  300 POINTS just cuz we like you.  Sign up today and get started! You’ll find the fun behind the tab on the right side of the site!