Coming in April — the wild future urban adventure GENPET and the return of KLAW!

This April, you can get your monstrous toon on with the release of the brand new graphic novel GENPET and the returning volume of the wild fan-favorite were-series KLAW! (Two separate books… not a crossover as the above image might suggest! Although that could be cool…)

GENPET is a crazy, sci-fi adventure about a boy who adopts a genetically engineered monster for a bodyguard, just in time too, as the future New York mob is after the beast for use in their underground fighting clubs!

Written by Damian and illustrated by Alex Fuentes, GENPET is an adventure-filled story with subtle notes about friendship, commitment, and justice told in a unique visual style, like a modern toon with a feature-film budget!

Also in stores this April is the return of Ozanam and Jurion’s KLAW in volume 3: The Cycle Renewed!

Wanted fugitive and secret were-tiger Angel Tomassini is about to find himself in the center of an age-long war between other hidden were-people for the fate of the world. With a new generation of supernaturally powered animal spirit hosts lose in the world, he must gather as many together and convince them not to fall under the spell of those wicked ones who would enslave mankind. The return of the global YA action hit, with more were-animal mashups, more superpowers, and more explosive action!