Artist/designer LRNZ is known for many things — advertising illustration, concept design, painting — but perhaps his most stylish and groundbreaking work is in the world of comics.

Applying different styles to different stories and scenes, he will use whatever technique evokes the most appropriate visceral reaction from the reader. Often switching from lushly painted landscapes to manga-like line work to black-and-white zip-toned printing, you never know where a comic by LRNZ will take you, but the destination is always engaging.

Today’s gallery focuses on a number of his notable comic projects.

According to LRNZ —

“Whether drawing or painting a piece, be it traditional or digital, a very specific design process is implied, focusing on what’s really important to convey within a single image. While it can become a complex structure, there is no before or after in a single illustration; it’s all about that single moment captured. In sequential work, there exists the need for an additional layer of consistency that must be achieved without spoiling the uniqueness of the single image. A standalone illustration should keep its power to initiate wonder as a one of a kind image. That’s why you will find very different techniques in these works, as I strive to capture those fleeting images that pass through my imagination with no specific mental boundaries, setting aside “rules” to start each piece from scratch, and to change tactics in order to render those details Life is providing.”

“Astrogamma is a 2015 one-shot reissuing of an episodic comic published between 2005 and 2013 in a magazine called “Hobby Comics”. Alessandro Caroni took care of the dialogues while I wrote the story and illustrated it. It’s an action-packed horror thriller with a tokusatsu twist. Insanely fast, fierce and ruthless: every aspect of action-adventure comics is taken to the extreme.”

“GOLEM was my first full-length graphic novel. It is a 280 page, full-color dystopian tale following the adventure of a young boy named Steno. Originally published in Italy by BAO Publishing (2014), it soon became available in the USA (by Magnetic Press), France (by Glenat), Spain (by Sapristi) and Asia (through a special variant edition of Magnetic Press’s edition available exclusively through Kinokuniya Bookstores).”

Not a comic, but rather illustrations for a book by Murakami Haruki.

“Katagiri found a giant frog waiting for him in his apartment.”

“This is how my second collaboration with Mr. Murakami Haruki started. “Ranocchio salva Tokyo” is a brief journey on the verge between dreams and reality. As for “The Strange Library”, reading this novel filled me with so much inspiring images I can’t help but feel lucky to have had such an artistic opportunity.

Time is out of Joint is a short comic book by LRNZ set in Rome, inside the Modern and Contemporary Art National Gallery.

“In a post-apocalyptic world, three kids struggle for survival.
No more human rights. Money no longer has any value and there is nothing left but war. Every distraction can be fatal. During their frantic escape, they accidentally come across a magical place,
where time and fear seem to shatter before a true first encounter with art.”

GLOBAL NEURAL NETWORK is a 4-story comic anthology set in the world of Ghost in the Shell. “Star Gardens” was written by Brenden Fletcher and illustrated by LRNZ.

“Star Gardens” is a short story about identity. Going thru every single design for Motoko Kusanagi ranging from the original manga one, to Arise and Stand Alone Complex, “Star Gardens” raises a question about body/soul connection. Who is the real Motoko Kusanagi? Does our body change our soul?

Working on this short story was amazing as I had the opportunity to work with one of the best comic book creators and writers in the world, Brenden Fletcher. Working with Brenden was incredible and he definitely tried to unleash all of my visual potential setting up a very deep and intricate story in just 30 pages.”

Visit LRNZ.IT for more information on many of these works, including production sketches, commentary, and process images of the works in progress!

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