In addition to his static illustration and design work, LRNZ has also directed a number of stunning motion graphic projects and animation. Today’s gallery focuses on just a few of these.

According to LRNZ —

“Some ideas are perfect for a painting, a single image, as strikingly powerful or subtly layered as it may be. Some other ideas come to mind as a sequence of images, and need that progression to be coherently expressed — what happened before and after that drawing that you like so much? Hence the choice to make comics. But is there a way to make visual sense flow between those individual images? Animation adds timing and sound to provide a totally different meaning to images than what they have in comics.”

“The Dark Side of the Sun” is a documentary by Carlo S. Hintermann about children with the condition Xeroderma Pigmentosum, a rare illness that forces them to stay out of sunlight. Camp Sundown is a retreat in New York that welcomes affected children from all over the world to live in a small nocturnal community. The film tells their stories with the help of roughly 40 minutes of animation that I directed.


GOON FILMS Logo Animation

“Gabriele Mainetti is a director and producer from Rome, and owner of GOON Films. “Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot” was his first feature movie, and he needed a logo animation for his production company. So he called me to take care of it and hence this little piece of animation was born.


This new trailer was produced as proof of concept for an animated adaptation, and the finished results were used as a promotional trailer for a new edition release of GOLEM in 2020.

“Golem | Product of Eurasia” credits: Adapted from the graphic novel “Golem” of LRNZ

Written by Mauro Uzzeo and LRNZ
Director and animation direction: LRNZ
2D Animation: Fabio Ramiro Rossin and LRNZ
Technical management, modeling, rigging, shader custom: Lino Grandi
3D animation: Angelo Caramanica
2D Backgrounds and post production: LRNZ
Music: Panoram ( and buromaschinen (
Dubbing direction: Leslie La Penna
Produced by Lucky Red

Visit LRNZ.IT for more information on many of these works, including production sketches, commentary, and process images of the works in progress!

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