We just launched a flash 10-day campaign for FALSE GUARD, the martial arts fantasy graphic novel by the author of the award-winning ASTER OF PAN, Merwan! Pledge in the first week for a BONUS LINEN CARDSTOCK PRINT or on Day-1 for a SECOND BONUS PRINT!


Young Mané is full of envy and strength, two essential qualities for someone who dreams of entering PANKAT,  a brutal martial art and school of philosophy for those who practice it. Stalking the greatest Pankat school in Irap, Mané does what he can to prove himself to Eïam, one of the greatest masters of all time. But meanwhile, outside the gym, he is courted by Féssat, a former student of Eïam’s who will try to lead the young man into a life of crime.  The rules of life aren’t always as straightforward as the regulations of a Pankat fight…

Originally released in three volumes, this brand new edition collects the entire tale of personal ambition and teamwork into a unique, 216-page oversized trade paperback measuring 8.5×11″, with curved corners on the case and page block as well as spotUV and embossed elements on the cover.

We are also offering a selection of recent and upcoming releases as add-ons that can be included to ship with your order, some at discount, yet all of which will include EXCLUSIVE LINEN PRINTS only available through this campaign!

***FREE SHIPPING available to previous campaign backers!***

If you backed one of our previous campaigns that are scheduled to ship later this year (specifically CARBON & SILICON / SHANGRI-LAor CARBON GREY), we can add your FALSE GUARD items to your previous campaign order so that they ship together at no extra cost!

(NOTE: this does not count for previous campaigns that have already shipped, including SMALL WORLD which begins shipping this month.)