Today Magnetic Press announced that they will publish works collected from Eisner and Inkpot Award-winning painter and storyteller Dave Dorman’s WASTED LANDS universe.  The hardcover collection will be released in July as DAVE DORMAN’S WASTED LANDS OMNIBUS.

The book will contain a recolored and re-lettered version of the first installment in the RAIL graphic novel series, along with other short sequential tales, illustrated prose novellas, and a plethora of gorgeous concept and character art. Out-of-print original works, previously published in Penthouse Magazine and A-1, will be remastered and supplemented with all-new material to create a comprehensive ‘source book’ for the world. The series is set within Dorman’s original, dystopian universe, a place where the unbridled greed and ambition of a select few combine with out-of-control technology and the supernatural to bring the world to the brink of destruction.

The WASTED LANDS universe will soon also expand into other transmedia, including rich, online content, card games, and tabletop gaming.

Dave Dorman’s WASTED LANDS is inspired by the high-adventure serials of the ’40s and ’50s and the Spaghetti Westerns of the 1960s, but infused with a contemporary sci-fi, “dieselpunk” aesthetic. This collection contains the stories of an intertwined cast of characters and villains, all seeking sanctuary, fortune, truth, and glory in this desperate time.  Each of the standalone shorts contained in the collection share underlying plotlines and continuity relationships, building a much larger picture of this epic landscape. With contributions from other celebrated artists, such as Christopher Moeller, Durwin Talon, and Jon Foster, this volume will draw the reader into a world they won’t want to leave.

“The Wasted Lands represents a unique view of the world and the challenges we’ve faced throughout history in a fresh, new way,” said Dorman.  “It’s my hope that readers will find this view to be a little unsettling and make them stop and think, which is the mission of compelling storytelling, whether it’s through painting, drawing, or writing.”

“Dave has lived with this wonderfully detailed world inside his head for so long, with small slices and teasing bits released to the public over the years,” said Magnetic Press’s Publisher, Mike Kennedy.  “To see all of those details and pieces come together in a single volume is exciting — a collection such as this is too long overdue!”

DAVE DORMAN’S WASTED LANDS OMNIBUS will be available for ordering in the May issue of PREVIEWS (available on April 30th) – please use Diamond Order Code # MAY141479.  The book will be available in stores this July.