May the fourth be with you!

Happy Star Wars Day! To celebrate one of the greatest stories from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we are highlighting Dave Dorman’s world famous Star Wars artwork. One of the very first members of the Magnetic Press family, Dave is an Eisner Award winning master painter & illustrator, and easily one of the most well known and prolific fantasy & sci-fi painter/illustrators around. George Lucas himself has commissioned Dave for an array of pieces for Lucas’ own personal collection.

Aside from his massively popular Star Wars work, Dave has done some astonishingly gorgeous work for franchises like Harry Potter, Aliens, Predator, Batman, Superman, Indiana Jones, G.I. Joe, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic The Gathering, & Heavy Metal. At Magnetic Press, he’s been working on his Eisner Award nominated creator-owned series, WASTED LANDS, which you can check out here.

Check out the video trailer for Dave’s WASTED LANDS Omnibus below: