Magnetic Press (now The Magnetic Collection at Lion Forge) is known for gathering a family of amazing artists from all around the world, some new to the US market, some already known, but all definitely worth watching.  We’re going to start a new bi-weekly feature here where we shine that spotlight on an artist you really should have your eye on, if you don’t already.

This first week’s spotlight is on BRYNDON EVERETT!

Freelance artist (and proud papa) Bryndon Everett lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho, creating comics, animation, and commission pieces for companies like American Dreamlabs, Spyderwise Media, and Magnetic Press.  His work has been featured by Popshot Magazine, Varoom, 1985, WeHateReality, Gnomon School, and Gallery Nucleus, as well as on The Blaze Network and the Glenn Beck program.

We’ve been thrilled to have him on a couple of projects with Magnetic Press, too!  Not only has he provided stunning pinups for both THE WORLD OF CASSYNO and the upcoming HUGO BROYLER,  but he generated a wealth of original character and concept art in the early phases of development on POET ANDERSON by Tom DeLonge!  While the story direction took many different routes before final scripting began, much of the art Bryndon provided inspired the style and mood of the final graphic novel.

While much of his art tends to fall “behind the scenes”, as storyboardist, concept artist, or character designer, he has original projects in the works that he hopes to see released in 2016, including his personal projects “Cordova” and the full-length fantasy “Adrift.”  He is currently working on a contemporary crime-style retelling of Rome and Juliet which he hopes to see release in 2017.