If you were on the ball last year, you probably picked up BOWERY BOYS from Dark Horse, illustrated by artist Brent McKee.  Brent’s been tuning a style uniquely his own, and here’s a gallery of slick stuff to prove that’s true…!

Illustrator Brent McKee has been drawing most of his life, growing up all over the US before eventually settling down and graduating high school in Plano, Texas.  He took his interest into higher education, graduating from the esteemed Kubert school in Dover, New Jersey focusing on the principles of sequential storytelling.

He spent nine years as a child care worker in a placement center for teens, fitting in the odd, occasional comic book job when it came along, filling his illustration urge with work for various skateboard companies, Nintendo products, Marvel/Upperdeck, and private commission work.  His first comic work was for the series NOBLE CAUSES “Extended Family” from Image comics, followed by other contributions to books such as the Eisner-nominated OUTLAW TERRITORY, and more recently THE BOWERY BOYS graphic novel from Dark Horse.

In 2015, he shifted towards comic book art as a full-time profession, and is working on several original projects, including a science fiction series called REDSHIFT, by BOY-1 creator Himkar Tak.  He hopes to one day work on favorite titles like JLA, HELLBOY, or DAREDEVIL.