They don’t make art. They make cadavers.

After a devastating attack from distant space leaves a large portion of Earth’s population in terror and ruin, a band of children are groomed into a unit of perfect soldiers sent to the distant, hostile planet to avert another horrific attack. But when they arrive, they discover dark secrets that Earth governments would prefer remain secret… The massively popular series by Italian authors Roberto Recchioni and Emiliano Mammucari explodes onto the scene in the first of four mindbending volumes of sci-fi action and drama!

In the wake of the energy beam that struck the Earth, instantly killing a sixth of the world population, a Serbian scientist named Jsana Juric and a Japanese army colonel named Takeshi Nakamura gather a group of orphaned children who survived the disaster to become lethal soldiers trained to invade the hostile planet in hopes of preventing a repeat attack. Divided into teams, the children get to know each other, and begin to understand that surviving the training will itself be a brutal test. Lives are sacrificed and difficult lessons are learned, all in the interest of turning children into hardened killing machines. One such impressionable child is Jonas . . .

Told in two parallel storylines, alternating between their training as youths and their adventures as full grown soldiers known as the “Orphan Squadron”, each volume in this four-volume series will feature 352 pages of eye-popping sci-fi, along with a wealth of design sketches and production artwork created behind the scenes.