Our Kickstarter campaign for Mathieu Bablet’s ADRASTEA launched yesterday with an amazing Day-1 turnout!

Read the first campaign update (reposted below) to see the brand new stretch goals revealed!


Hi everyone!

Welcome to our Kickstarter campaign for Mathieu Bablet’s amazing Greek tale about Legacy and Immortality, ADRASTEA! If you’re familiar with Mathieu’s work (perhaps from having backed our previous campaign for SHANGRI-LA and CARBON & SILICON), you probably already know to expect a beautiful story wrapped in gorgeous artwork, and you would be absolutely accurate for doing so. This book is fantastic. It was only his second long-form narrative project when it was first published in France in 2013 (shortly after his debut with A Beautiful Death) and he immediately cemented himself as a master of thoughtful, character-driven storytelling with an eye for sweeping landscapes and architecture. With these three books, he has built the foundation for truly amazing works to come, and (in my opinion) already secured himself a podium in the halls of comic book greatness.

If you aren’t already familiar with his work, you are in for a real treat when this thing ships in May!

While we try to be cautiously optimistic about each campaign, we were once again floored by the excellent response — funded in 30 minutes! You’d think by now we might raise our bar or relax a bit more the day before launch, but these can always go in either direction. We’ve been equally surprised when projects failed to launch strong, so we’ve learned to temper our expectations entirely. To quote MJ, “if you expect disappointment, then you can never really be disappointed.” 😉

But thankfully, you fine folks did not disappoint. And we don’t want to disappoint you in return! So since we blew past our starting goal, we have revealed this campaign’s initial stretch goals as promised:

Yes, we could have adjusted the target amounts and started the ladder fully locked based on where we are as of this morning, but we absolutely want to express our thanks for such a strong first day by unlocking the first two immediately. The others should be within relatively comfortable reach (based on previous performance data), but again, you never know… If we somehow manage to get to that $55k point, we do have more bonuses up our sleeve, but it’s much too early to tell and we don’t want to assume anything. We’re just thrilled that so many of you are already on board.

Please help us out by spreading the word and bringing your friends and loved ones to the party! This should hopefully be another exciting ride over the next 17 days!