In a fashion-focused future, rich kids enjoy virtual trips to “Small World”, a simulated visit to the slums of the lower city, using secret programs to hack their bedtime Dreamweaver© devices. Piedro is their guide through these seedy adventures, a lowland local who few ever meet in real life.

But young Kumiko and her brothers get the rare surprise when Piedro shows up in their garage fleeing from the evil Captain Gancho and his band of thugs. Suddenly their virtual adventure becomes real!

Described by the author, JD MORVAN, as a cyberpunk Peter Pan”, SMALL WORLD mixes elements of classic European adventures with the stylish futurism of such manga classics as AKIRA and GHOST IN THE SHELL. A gonzo blend of Victorian architecture, punk rock, and cutting-edge sci-fi concepts, this “manga-adjacent” tale is unlike anything else on shelves. Make no mistake: this is a dark fairy tale for grown-ups.

Celebrated mangaka TORU TERADA’s only full-length comic series to date!

Written by: Jean David Morvan
Illustrated by: Toru Terada

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