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Celebrating the works of OSAMU TEZUKA!

TEZUCOMI is a deluxe, two-volume tribute to Osamu Tezuka, widely considered the
“Father of Manga and Anime.”

600 pages of extraordinary content by popular contemporary comic book authors from around the world pay tribute to Tezuka’s enormous body of influential work. The stories feature characters from Tezuka’s history, such as Astro Boy, Unico, Black Jack, Big X, Dororo, Songoku, Kimba, and many more.

Contributing artists include Ken Niimura (I Kill Giants), Joe Kelly (Deadpool, X-Men), Juan Diaz Canales (Blacksad), Kenny Ruiz (Team Phoenix), Belen Ortega (The Millennium Saga), Victor Santos (Polar), Mathieu Bablet (Shangri-La), JD Morvan (Naja), Mig (Wakfu), David Lafuente (Ultimate Spider-man), Bertrand Gatignol (The Ogre Gods Saga), LuisNCT (Killadelphia), Elsa Brants (Save me, Pythia), Reno Lemaire (Dreamland), Brice Cossu (FRNCK), Sourya (Talli), and more.

Available in TWO FORMATS

These two 300-page volumes will be available in two formats: Traditional manga-sized paperback (5.25″x7.5″) and premium oversized gallery edition hardcover (7.75″x11″). Each format will contain the same 18 tales based on some of Tezuka’s most popular characters, as well as some of his lesser-known creations. In addition, each tale will include a brief history of the original Tezuka series being honored as well as a spotlight on the authors who created each inspired chapter.


For the truest Osamu Tezuka super-fans, we are offering a very limited-edition bundle of both boxed sets with exclusive “Atomic Red” foil bookplates and an exclusive ETCHED METAL BOOKMARK.



Be sure to pledge early when the campaign launches in August!

Releasing in November to celebrate Osamu Tezuka's 95th birthday!

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