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The award-winning dark fantasy series by Hubert and Gatignol concludes
with the fourth and final volume and a new, exclusive, premium boxed set!

In a lost and distant land where fairy tales emerge like flowers pushing through broken masonry, a vast menagerie of bold hearts and brave outsiders strive to find themselves in the darkness. From the massive, monumental Giants who rule the valley to the powerless humans who serve their every need and hunger, Aspiration chooses but a few hosts who will define a new world order at the risk of everything.

Presenting FIRST BORN, the fourth and final book in this award-winning dark fantasy series by writer Hubert and artist/designer Bertrand Gatignol, along with a brand new, campaign-exclusive, Limited Edition Boxed Set of all four books.


The OGRE GODS series debuted in 2014 to rave reviews and numerous laurels, with PETIT winning Best Science Fiction Comic at the 2015 Utopiales Festival and HALF-BLOOD chosen as an Official Selection of the Angouleme Comic Festival (FIBD) in 2017. THE OGRE GODS series won the award for Best Series at the Lucca Comics and Games Festival in 2019. Most recently, the fourth and final book in the series, FIRST BORN, has been officially selected for the Fauve d’Or at the 2021 Angouleme Comic Festival and won Best Comic Book at the 2021 Imaginales Festival.

Petit is the smallest son of the terrifying Ogre King. Barely taller than a mere human, he is shunned by his monstrous family who see him as the first sign of their dwindling lineage. Torn between his violent impulses and his human-sized heart, will he be able to survive his family’s ravenous appetites?

Yori is a half-blood bastard, the son of a nobleman and his mistress, born in luxury only to be thrown to the streets when the infidelity is exposed. His new life of hardship in the looming shadow of the Giants’ castle forges him into a charming con artist with one thing on his mind: revenge.

Bear is an aging leader of a passionate rebel clan who seeks to defend their traditions from the oppressive human Chamberlain and the giant Ogre Gods who rule above them. When the Giant castle falls, new Chamberlain Yori sets his sights on wiping out the last of their kind: Petit. But Bear finds the young giant first and has other plans for the boy…

Brigante was the firstborn daughter in the royal line of Giants, faced with navigating the authoritarian rule of her father, The Founder, and her own thirst for knowledge and understanding. She risks everything to secretly educate her siblings while quietly planting the seeds of compassion that would someday blossom from the last Giant’s grave.

Masterfully told through a mixture of sumptuous black-and-white sequential art interspersed with chapters of illustrated prose, the books in the OGRE GODS series each contain a vast amount of story spanning centuries and generations that come together to form a legitimately epic fantasy saga.