In TRAPPED ON ZARKASS, two agents are sent on a mission from the matriarchal Gaia (formerly-“Earth”) government to journey through the alien wilds of the planet Zarkass in search of valuable answers to top-secret questions, a subterfuge that will have unprecedented consequences for not just the agents, but the planet itself. But what makes Zarkass… Zarkass?

Glad you asked! Let’s take a trip to Zarkass and find out!

Do you crave ADVENTURE? Riding GIGANTIC BEASTS? Roughing it with the LOCALS?
Then the planet of Zarkass is for you!
This alien planet in the depths of space is primarily made up of lush jungles. Gnarled trees tower to the skies to create a shadowy domain that only the brave dare travel through. Poisonous plants line the waterways and gigantic insects patrol the skies above. If you’re not careful, even the most mundane wildlife can take your life. But that’s what you’re signing up for! You only live once, right?
If you like giant swarms of bugs, you'll be right at home here!
Beyond the jungles are the BADLANDS. Giant stone plateaus dot the landscape. Resources are stretched thin here from a human occupation that lasted for over a century. But don’t let that deter you from snapping some photos. The vista is to die for.
Pack some fresh water. You'll need it.
Don’t forget to soak in the local culture. The indigenous population is anything but “thin-skinned” — when the Zarkassians absorb enough dirt and grime into their skin, they molt and peel. It’s not a pleasant process, but when you live a life this hard, you need a fresh start every now and then.
This process leaves them highly vulnerable to the harsh elements and bugs, but the Zarkassians have evolved a symbiotic relationship with their giant, domesticated caterpillar mounts. These beasts produce an excretion that functions like liquid healing armor. They rub a generous layer of it onto their shedding skin to protect their newly-exposed under-flesh. Without it, they would make a tasty meal for the many bug types that are drawn to the smell.  If the humans occupying the planet cared to learn about the Zarkassians, they’d probably bottle the goo and sell it as a beauty product!
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Zarkassian cuisine is something you’ll certainly want to… be aware of. It is a thing. Not everyone’s thing, but it’s… unique. And the locals seem to love it.
Sure, not all of the locals have taken kindly to their new Earth-born visitors (NOT colonizers; such public reference is punishable by Gaia law). Yes, Gaian technology is awesome, and has given the locals a shot at civilization they wouldn’t have otherwise known, but not every Zarkassian appreciates this precious gift of abundance. Just be sure to stay out of certain marked neighborhoods. Or bring an armed escort, your choice.
Oh, and don’t let the weird flying triangles scare you away. They’ve been a present mystery over Zarkass for years. Every planet has its own UFOs, right?
Don't mind the weird triangles in the sky. Totally normal. Nothing to see here.
There’s a whole planet to explore filled with surprises… and we can’t wait to take you there! Book your trip today and pre-order your copy of TRAPPED ON ZARKASS on Kickstarter!