World premiere trailer video for CLOUDIA & REX, by Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas, and Daniel Irizarri, which comes out in trade paperback tomorrow!  Check it out!

After losing their dad, 12yr old Cloudia and her kid sister Rex are taken on a roadtrip by their mother, who is having a hard time dealing with the stress of sudden single-motherhood.  When their car is blasted off the road by a strange bold from the sky, the kids find themselves with strange abilities – Cloudia has super strength, and Rex is… a woolly rhino.  It seems they’ve been possessed by two twin gods, Thanatos and Hypnos, who are fleeing the god-realm which is being overtaken by The High Waveform, a single consuming entity.  Their mission is to use the girls to ferry the remaining fleeing gods to the World Tree, where a new realm of gods can be reborn.

It’s all a lot for a 12 year old to fully appreciate until the weight of the responsibility catches up with her.

A lushly rendered supernatural fantasy that follows two girls and their mother who find themselves in the middle of a vast, supernatural exodus.