Legendary Chinese Fantasy Adaptation by Chaiko Premiering on Kickstarter October 18th.

CHICAGO, IL (October 12, 2022) — Celebrated publisher of premium graphic novels and art books Magnetic Press has announced the upcoming release of THE MONKEY KING, a fresh retelling of the classic fantasy tale “Journey to the West.” Colorfully visualized by artist Chaiko, this faithful adaptation follows the many exploits of the divine monkey Sun Wukong from his birth from a stone to his epic quest to find the sacred Sutras. Described as a “Wushu Wizard of Oz,” this timeless saga inspired centuries of stories and scoundrel heroes to follow, including popular anime favorites such as Dragon Ball and Naruto.

Originally published anonymously in 1592, Journey to the West grew in popularity throughout Ming Dynasty China despite the fact that fantasy fiction at the time was considered “vulgar” and not true literature like the classical works of previous dynasties. It wasn’t until centuries later that, through textual analysis of other works from that period, scholars came to believe the original author to be novelist, poet, and politician Wu Cheng’en (also known as Ruzhong). Certain use of regional vernacular from Wu’s hometown and a familiar “defiant spirit” in the Sun Wukong character have led most scholars to conclude that he is the most likely author of this legendary classic.

To capture the scope of this legendary epic, the complete tale will be presented in 320 beautifully illustrated pages by Chaiko (pen name of author Cai Feng), who captures the dynamic action, attitude, and humor of the original text in an almost animated style sure to please comic book, manga, and anime fans. Set for release in March 2023, the graphic novel will be offered in three formats, two of which will be exclusive to a pre-order campaign launching on Kickstarter Tuesday October 18th. A trade edition collecting the complete 320-page saga into a single 6.5×9” paperback will be solicited for retail release, while fans and collectors will want to grab the limited edition 8.5×11” hardcover diptych or deluxe foil-stamped slipcase set available exclusively through the Kickstarter campaign.

Journey to the West is arguably one of the most popular fantasy stories in the world,” says Mike Kennedy, Magnetic Press’s Publisher, “yet aside from being passingly familiar with the Sun Wukong character (or more specifically his famous nickname ‘The Monkey King’), surprisingly few westerners really know the story itself. While there have been countless adaptations in nearly every medium and language known, this new graphic novel retelling by Chaiko is instantly accessible and incredibly fun. If the only thing you know about The Monkey King is his famous title, it’s time to witness the original adventures that made him a legend for so many centuries.”

Fans can pre-order the various editions of the book during the Kickstarter campaign which will feature an array of additional limited, campaign-exclusive bonus items including numbered bookplateslinen cardstock art prints, a golden 2” metal coin, and an exclusive 24-page production art book by ChaikoOther bonuses and stretch goals, including material upgrades to the books themselves, will also be unlocked throughout the campaign.

The trade paperback book will retail for $29.99 while the limited hardcover diptych set will only be available directly for $60. Only 500 copies of the deluxe slipcase will be produced for this campaign with a pledge price of $80. All physical editions will include a digital copy as part of the campaign.

The limited pre-order campaign will run for only 18 days on Kickstarter, ending Friday November 4th at 5pm CST. The books will ship to backers in March 2023.

Fans can bookmark the Kickstarter campaign to be notified of launch by visiting https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/neurobellum/the-monkey-king-graphic-novel-saga-by-chaiko