The third book in the dark fantasy OGRE GODS series is about to hit shelves, and once again it will take a sharp turn into another unexplored corner of this twisted fairy tale universe. We’ve seen life in the Giant’s mountain-top castle, life in the human city below, and now we’ll get to know those who live outside the influence of either — the rebels in the woods who are about to get caught up in the revolution sweeping the land.

Mixing gorgeous sequential art by Bertrand Gatignol with chapters of illuminating backstory prose by writer Hubert, this engaging tale spans centuries, crafting a world unlike any seen before. If you are a fan of high fantasy, gripping drama, and truly epic adventure, you are in store for a mesmerizing ride!

Take a look at the first 12 pages of Book Three, THE GREAT MAN, precisely as presented in the book. (Click the first page to open a viewer which you can then page through.)

(download preview pages as single PDF)