BRICE COSSU & VALERIE MAGIN illustrate one of several sci-fi tales that fill the pages TEZUCOMI, an all-star celebration of Osamu Tezuka’s many celebrated characters by some of Europe’s best comic creators!

The moon orbits the Earth’s just out of reach. We look at it every night. A constant in the sky. But what secrets does it hold? Will we ever live there? If so, what wisdom and humanity will we bring?

If you’re a fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey, this story by Brice and Valerie entitled “The Moon Rabbit” will pack a punch. It’s a silent story that includes several double-page spreads in order to capture the grandiose nature of the vast lunar setting. Born in a thriving lunar colony, Rabbit longs to know what life is like on Earth. All he knows are stories shared by others. But empathy and humanity are not limited to just one place, as Buddha has often taught…

"The Moon Rabbit", Art by BRICE CUSSO

As a comics illustrator, Brice Cusso has earned himself many accolades with works such as “Remission” with writer Yves Swolfs. His biggest hit to date is the comedy adventure series FRNCK, about a teen who finds himself thrown into a prehistoric world and taken in by a tribe of cavemen. 

Take a peek at the first few pages of “The Moon Rabbit” by Brice Cossu and Valerie Mangin below!

Preview Pages from "The Moon Rabbit"

(Remember: Manga is read from right to left!)