SMALL WORLD preview on Webtoons! Ep01 – “Meeting Piedro”

April 9, 2021

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

Looking forward to a great weekend, although in all honesty, we’ll probably be working on more cool stuff to reveal here in the coming days… fun stuff is cooking! For example, we’re running some preview pages of SMALL WORLD on Webtoons! If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a cool app for reading comics with a vertical scrolling format, perfect for manga-like content like this. 😀

Check out the first episode here! (Or better yet, download the mobile app for iOS here or for Android here and then click that episode link… it’s a lot better on a mobile device!)

Episode 01 is up TODAY! New episodes will be added each Friday!

We have a number of episodes lined up, which we will release every week. We’ll also share some different preview page sections on our landing page throughout the campaign, so if you don’t feel like doing the Webtoons thing, you’ll still get a good taste of the book (although to be honest this story is so fast-paced and multi-layered its almost impossible to convey the full experience in just a few preview scenes…)

We’ve had a great first 4 days, unlocking a ton of great stuff already! (And we’re soooo close to unlocking the sticker set! Let’s see if we can get there this weekend!) We have plenty more stretch goals lined up behind that to reveal, so there should be no lack of awesomeness for the next 21 days…

Spread the word and let everyone know how cool this book is so we can get more folks on board and add more free stuff to each pledge package! 😀

Thanks, everyone! More soon!