Unofficial Spotify Playlist!

Plus: Webtoons ep02!

April 13, 2021

Hey everyone!

While we LOVE all of our books and projects, some just really resonate with us like music — PARIS 2119, ASTER OF PAN, MONOLITH, and now SMALL WORLD. It’s like we can feel a score or soundtrack when we’re reading them (or re-lettering them, or making Kickstarter assets, or a trailer video…) So we thought it’d be fun to share the Unofficial SMALL WORLD Spotify playlist that we’ve had queued up in the background throughout this process! 2 hours and 30 minutes of fat cyber-funk and acid jazz that one could easily imagine blaring throughout the lowlands of Small World… trust us, this’ll make 2 hours of daywork roll right on by…

Click here to listen in Spotify!

Here’s the full list of tracks if you’re curious:

You can expect some original stuff along these lines in the BONUS Digital Soundtrack Download stretch goal that was unlocked and being produced right now! We’re having a blast with it!

Webtoon Ep02 is live!

We’ve also released the second preview episode on Webtoons!

Click the image to go to the series page on Webtoons! (Works on desktop and mobile devices!)

We’re preparing several more episodes at this very moment, with plans to drop the next installment every 3 days or so! It’s not the full book (obviously), but a fun preview of what’s to come!