Magnetic Press announces a Kickstarter campaign for Small World, a cyberpunk fantasy graphic novel by JD Morvan and Tōru Terada.


Magnetic Press has announced a Kickstarter campaign for Small World, a “dark sci-fi fantasy tale for grown-ups” from writer JD Morvan and artist Tōru Terada. The 248-page graphic novel will feature a campaign-exclusive variant with cover art by Peach Momoko.

“Described as ‘a cyberpunk fairy tale’ and ‘Peter Pan meets Akira,’ Small World mixes elements of anime-inspired futurism from such manga classics as Akira and Ghost in the Shellwith the gritty flair of a Tarantino film rolled up into a vice-filled version of a European children’s book,” Magnetic’s official release reads. “Not only is the blend of elements wholly unique, but the book is also the only full-length graphic novel by popular mangaka Tōru Terada.”

The Kickstarter campaign for Small World launches on Tuesday, April 6 at 10 a.m. CST. Those who pre-register for the campaign on will receive a free 8.5×11 linen card stock print of Momoko’s cover art. (One backer will even be able to purchase Momoko’s original 11×15 watercolor painting.) Moreover, those who pledge to the campaign on day one will receive an additional 8.5×11 linen card stock print by Terada. Magnetic is also offering several other “manga-adjacent” books through the campaign, including a new edition of Zayaby Morvan and Huang-Jia Wei.

“JD Morvan has been part of the Magnetic family since our first-year release of NajaZayaand Meka, and we are thrilled beyond words to welcome Tōru Terada into the fold. He’s one of our favorite designers — his visual style is so unique and engaging that the thought of 248 pages of his wild art in a single blockbuster volume is enough to make your mouth water,” said Magnetic Publisher Mike Kennedy. “Small World definitely comes from a whole globe’s worth of inspiration, but its roots are firmly planted in Japanese manga and anime. We think it can provide a nice, refreshing departure for manga fans without straying too far from the familiar.”

Per an official synopsis for Small World,

In a fashion-focused future, rich kids enjoy virtual trips to “Small World”, a simulated visit to the slums of the lower city, using secret programs to hack their bedtime Dreamweaver© devices. Piedro is their guide through these seedy adventures, a lowland local who few ever meet in real life. But young Kumiko and her brothers get the rare surprise when Piedro shows up in their garage fleeing from the evil Captain Gancho and his band of thugs. Suddenly their virtual adventure becomes real!

Magnetic Press’ Small World is written by JD Morvan and illustrated by Tōru Terada. The graphic novel’s official Kickstarter campaign launches on April 6.