Hello from San Diego Comic-Con! Taking advantage of a sliver-thin window of wifi connectivity from the floor, we wanted to quickly update everyone on the status of all current books, as there have been some questions about shipping dates. Here’s the skinny:

– SUPER-EGO: In stores and on shelves! If you can’t find it, ask your local store to order it, or buy it from our webstore (magneticpress.bigcartel.com)!

– NAJA: The books are indeed at our warehouse, as well as Diamond’s warehouse. We fully intended, in absolute good faith, to have all webstore pre-orders shipped last week, but in perfect honesty, we got completely overwhelmed prepping for the convention. Being a small, personal operation, we just got spread thin and under the gun. In addition, we were also waiting for the signed prints back from Bengal for the slipcase bundles, which only just arrived this past Monday. (French mail is notoriously unpredictable…) With that said, we WILL be shipping all webstore orders for Naja and Naja LE bundles next Tuesday when we return from the show. The book is expected to hit comic stores on Weds 30th. We apologize that pre-orders couldn’t arrive before store dates, but they should get to you very close to that date!

– ZAYA: The books have reached Long Beach, and are currently sitting on the boat awaiting customs clearance. They should deboard early next week, meaning they should reach our warehouse by the end of next week (barring unexpected delays). Once they are checked in, we’ll get all pre-orders out within that week. Street shelf date will either be August 13 or 20th, depending on how soon they reach Diamond.

– MEKA and WASTED LANDS OMNIBUS: The books are finished, printed, and are now on a boat crossing the Pacific Ocean. They are expected to reach Long Beach on or around August 5th, which should put it in our warehouse around the 12th-15th. Orders will ship within the week we receive it. Store dates will be approximately 2-3 weeks after that. We’ll keep you posted! (*Note: if we come back from SDCC with any of our advance copies left in stock, we will fill as many pre-orders as we can next week, starting with the earliest pre-order received.)

– DOOMBOY: The book is at the printers now, and proofs have been approved! We’ll keep you posted on expected ship dates from this point forward.

– LUMINAE: Translation has been finished and approved, files have been sent to the printer. Now awaiting proofs.

We have a few more titles to announce soon (folks who visit our booth this weekend will get a sneak peek of one of them), so stay tuned! And keep spreading the word!