Volume 4 of the blockbuster sci-fi action series ORPHANS hits shelves this month, bringing a close to what the authors refer to as “season one” — with each of the twelve chapters offering a 100-page “episode”. 

Currently, there are four full (12-chapter) ‘seasons’ and two ‘mini-seasons’ in this star-spanning epic, with each one peeling back another layer of intrigue in this unique, engrossing end-of-the-world scenario.

The production design team, led by art director Emmanuel Mammucari, put a ton of work into realizing each character, set piece, and scene throughout the series. With a host of different top-notch artists tackling different chapters, its important that there is a visual consistency to the characters and world in which they live, and the creators make sure to have a well defined ‘visual bible’ for everything before work begins.

Here are just a few of the many, many design sketches that went into just the last half of this first season. Pick up the collected printed volumes 1-4 for a complete behind the scenes look at each, with over 50 pages of design study back-matter per-volume!