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The year is 2036, and the ultimate toy for rich kids is the GENPET, a genetically modified animal custom-made to suit your personal design. And young Nat just got one of his own — Niko, his future best buddy. But his father had one additional design element in mind: the GenPet has to be able to protect Nat from danger. Unfortunately, those characteristics can be unpredictable, as Nat and his father learn when they get back to New York and are attacked by mobsters.

Wanted fugitive and secret were-tiger Angel Tomassini is about to find himself in the center of an age-long war between other hidden were-people for the fate of the world. With a new generation of supernaturally powered animal spirit hosts lose in the world, he must gather as many together and convince them not to fall under the spell of those wicked ones who would enslave mankind!