- A Basil and Moebius short film -

NO REST FOR THE WICKED - A Basil and Moebius Adventure

Spawning from the hit graphic novel and prose fiction series, this short film features the two main characters, Basil and Moebius, in their first on-screen adventure! Basil (Ray Park) is a street tough brawler while Moebius (Zachary Levi) is a dashing catburglar playboy. These partners-in-crime work for the mysterious and supernatural individual known only as “The Collector,” pulling a daring heist during an illegal gambling party thrown by an underworld kingpin (Malcolm McDowell).

NO REST FOR THE WICKED – A Basil & Moebius Adventure

Release Date: April 24, 2015
Rating: PG-13
Written and Directed by: Ryan Schifrin
Starring: Zachary Levi, Ray Park, Malcolm McDowell, Kane Hodder, Walter Phelan, Jose Cantillo, Clare Grant, and Crystal the Monkey
Music By: Lalo Schifrin
Running Time: 16.5 min

Alaric Moebius and Basil Fox are two lovable scoundrels looking to make a quick fortune and perhaps find a bit of excitement in the process. Basil is a Queen of England’s Guard by day and thief by night. His partner-in-crime, Moebius, is a charming, Oxford educated rogue with a habit of getting into trouble. They run around the world in the employment of The Collector, a mysterious “man” who collects rare and valuable objects of the occult and supernatural. Its jobs like this that bring them face to face with maniacal villains, undead mercenaries, and the occasional homicidal monkey…


Originally shown exclusively through festivals since 2011, NO REST FOR THE WICKED has continued to thrill audiences with each new showing, racking up an impressive list of awards in the process!

  • WINNER: Best Short // Gen Con 2014
  • WINNER: Best Thriller // Dragon Con 2013
  • WINNER: Jury Award // Beverly Hills Short Film Festival 2012
  • WINNER: Aloha Accolade Award // Honolulu Film Awards 2012
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION // Palm Springs International Film Festival 2012
  • WINNER: Merit Award // Best Shorts Competition 2012
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION // Fantastic Film Festival 2011
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION // Screamfest Film Festival 2011


(Director/Producer, Pacific Rim, Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth)

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The Cast
Played by Zachary Levi
Second youngest person admitted to Oxford, where he squandered his vast family fortune, Moebius sought out only the most exotic and exhilerating things in life, including action and adventure…

Zachary Levi is an American actor, director, and singer. He is best known for his role as Chuck Bartowski in the series CHUCK. He has also appeared in LESS THAN PERFECT, ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: The Squeakquel, TANGLED, and THOR: The Dark World.

    Played by Ray Park
    Queens Guardsman by day, pub-hopping ruffian thief by night, Basil Fox traded in a longstanding military career in Special Forces for a more satisfying life of self-employment…

    Raymond Michael “Ray” Park is a British actor and martial artist, best known for playing Darth Maul in STAR WARS EPISODE I: The Phantom Menace, Toad in X-MEN, Snake Eyes in G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra and it’s sequel, G.I. JOE: Retaliation, as well as Edgar on the series HEROES.

      MR. BLOOME
      Played by Malcolm McDowell
      Mr. Bloome knows what he wants, how to get it, and — more importantly — how to KEEP it…

      Malcolm McDowell is an English actor, known for his roles in the films CALIGULA and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, the latter of which earned him a Golden Globe nomination. He has appeared in films and television series of different genres, including TANK GIRL, FRANKLIN AND BASH, TIME AFTER TIME, STAR TREK GENERATIONS, ENTOURAGE, and HEROES.

        Played by Crystal the Monkey
        Lonzo the Monkey trained under the mysterious and elusive Wong Far Kwong. He is the only one of his species to achieve the rank of Shinoku Grandmaster.

        Crystal is a female capuchin monkey whose acting career began in the 1997 film GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE. More recently, she portrayed the irritating monkey Dexter in the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM franchise, and a drug dealing monkey in THE HANGOVER PART II. In 2012, she played Dr. Rizzo on the sitcom ANIMAL PRACTICE.

          Ryan Schifrin
          ABC NIGHTLINE NEWS touted Ryan Schifrin as the “future of horror” after his award-winning feature film ABOMINABLE premiered in New York and was the #1 rated broadcast on the SCI-FI network the week it aired. Ryan also created the hit comic book series SPOOKS, co-written Larry Hama and New York Times best selling author R.A. Salvatore.
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            Graphic Novel series

            Created by writer/director RYAN SCHIFRIN and co-written by the legendary LARRY HAMA (G.I.Joe, Wolverine), this quadrilogy of original hardcover graphic novels will follow the adventurous duo around the world through one mind-bending episode after another, all in the pursuit of fringe science and urban legend for their supernaturally-insistent employer, The Collector!

            VOLUME ONE contains three complete graphic novellas:  “The Curse of Spring-heel Jack,” “The Bloodstone Caper,” and “The Devil’s Handshake” chronicling the early adventures in their career together, introducing the unlikely duo for the first time in a highstakes chain of pulpy high adventures created by Ryan Schifrin and co-written by the legendary Larry Hama (G.I. Joe, Wolverine)!  Cover by Dave Dorman!  160 pages, $19.99

            VOLUME TWO contains the feature length adventure “The Shadow Gambit” in which our pair of scoundrels find themselves dodging ninjas, pirates, and Nazi war robots all in pursuit of mysterious, fabled UFO technology reportedly developed during WWII!  Cover by Greg Staples!  

            120 pages, $18.99

            VOLUME THREE contains the revealing tale “The Secret of the Ancients,” in which our unlikely duo discover the origins of The Collector, and see for the first time just how massive the scale of danger is facing the world they’ve unwittingly entered!  Cover by Glenn Fabry!  120 pages, $18.99

            VOLUME FOUR reveals “The Fate of All Fools”, as our adventurous duo face off against the ultimate threat — not only to our world, but time and reality as we know it!  This final chapter is written by Ryan Schifrin and Richard Lee Byers (Forgotten Realms)!  Cover by Ken Kelly!  120 pages, $18.99

            Original Prose Fiction by celebrated authors!

            Ten original BASIL & MOEBIUS short stories written by award-winning fan-favorite sci-fi authors Timothy Zahn (Star Wars: Heir to the Empire), Richard Lee Byers (Forgotten Realms), and Greg Bear (Blood Music, Halo)!  Series covers by Eisner Award-winning artist Dave Dorman!

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            Full length novel by fan-favorite author RICHARD LEE BYERS (Forgotten Realms) and series creator RYAN SCHIFRIN!



            500 pages of supernatural thrills and skullduggery, collecting all short stories written by TIMOTHY ZAHN, RICHARD LEE BYERS, MICHAEL STACKPOLE, AARON ALLSTON, and series creator RYAN SCHIFRIN, including the previously unreleased tenth story by GREG and ERIK BEAR!

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