No Future


THE FIFTH ELEMENT meets BLADE RUNNER, BRAZIL, and IDIOCRACY in this deluxe action-packed graphic novel.

Flying cars, robot butlers, and universal freedom for everyone to do as they please. A dream of the future, right? Not this future. The tipping point between Utopia and Dystopia is subjective and invisible, and civilization can’t help but blindly trample that line underfoot on a regular basis. Far-left and far-right-leaning politics wrap completely around to the opposite ends of the spectrum, and the cycle of ideological struggle continues in a funhouse mirror reflection of itself.

Interstellar mega-corporations set the law through market manipulation and political influence, and the population is kept sedated through consumer comforts. But pockets of idealism still exist, buried in the shadows and filth of the lower streets, and all it takes is a spark to light a fire…

NO FUTURE is a highspeed cyberpunk vision of tomorrow written by prolific screenwriter CORBEYRAN and painted in vivid retro-nostalgic brushstrokes by fan-favorite illustrator JEF. This neo-noir blockbuster graphic novel recaptures the energy and aesthetic of classic sci-fi masters such as MOEBIUSBILALJUAN GIMENEZ, and LADRONN with a modern flair.

       Written by: Corbeyran

       Illustrated by: Jef

  • Pages: 128 pages
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Size:  8″ x 11″
  • Cover Price: $24.99
  • ISBN: 978-1962413060
  • DOC:  FEB247275
  • RELEASE DATE: August, 2024


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Jef is a unmistakable illustrator whose creative prowess has been showcased through his published works by Magnetic Press. Among his notable contributions are a duo of gripping Grindhouse thrillers titled “Mezkal” and “Convoy.” Through these visceral and adrenaline-fueled narratives, Jef masterfully intertwines gripping visuals with compelling storytelling, immersing readers in the gritty worlds of crime and suspense.