Take a look at some of the breathtaking environment designs that went into the development of the upcoming dystopian fantasy NILS: THE TREE OF LIFE!

When artist Antoine Carrion joined up with writer Jerome Hamon to produce the upcoming dystopic fantasty NILS: THE TREE OF LIFE, their first priority was establishing the look and feel of this ruined future where pseudo-science and magic intertwine with technology and nature.

Drawing inspiratoin from such arists as Milo Manara, Katsuhiro Otomo, Katsuya Terada, and Sergio Toppi, Antoine Carrion (better known online as “Tentacle Eye”) started his career in commercial illustration and video games before taking a stab at comics with NO PASARAN: THE GAME with Christian Lehmann. From there, he has collaborated with Antoine (KLAW) Ozanam twice, on TEMUDJIN and THE WHITE SHADOW before taking on the fantasy triptych NILS.

Here and below are just a few of the gorgeous paintings created in the development process. All of these and more are included in the hardcover edition in stores January!