Are you a reviewer, retail buyer, or librarian? Then you probably have a NetGalley account, and need to check out our listed titles available through their service for review right now! 

Their spotlight title for September is none other than RENDEZ-VOUS IN PHOENIX by Tony Sandoval!  They also have a full review copy of Rob Cham’s LIGHT, as well as LITTLE TAILS IN THE JUNGLE (among some other books by some other publishers too…)

If you do have a NetGalley account, or qualify for one as a verifiable retailer, reviewer, or professional, you can download any of these titles (and much more) throughout the month of September.  The files will be added to your account library to read on a variety of devices before the expiration date at the end of the month.

If you do download and read one of our books, we just ask that you share your (hopefully positive) opinions in a review or on social media! That’s the whole reason we put these on NetGalley, and the primary reason for the service — to get people talking about the book!