Issue #3 of HUGO BROYLER is now available on comiXology and Kindle!

Hugo Broyler #3 by Kennedy and Paronzini

As the details of the job unfold into a complex origami of not-so-nice consequences, Hugo realizes he may be in way over his head. But the voice in his head wants to convince him it’s nothing he can’t handle, that he has powers he hasn’t even tapped into yet, powers to tap into the road-grid and control all of traffic with a simple thought. But is the voice in his head for real, or is he being manipulated by a renegade and mysterious hacker somewhere? Or could it really be his dead rival’s ghost? Doesn’t matter, there are bullets flying right now, think about it later…

The complete collected edition will hit stores late December, featuring a complete tabletop roleplaying system and source guide!  You can pre-order your copy today to get a signed book plate and limited edition two-sided poster with your copy FREE from our webstore!
Available in paperback or Limited Edition hardcover!

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